Two Victims Attacked by Four Unknown Black Male Subjects

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Two Victims Attacked by Four Unknown Black Male Subjects

No one can prevent your victimization
No one is coming to help you.
No one is there to stop violent criminal actors (VCAs) from hurting you as much as their needs and desires dictate.
No one. Except you.

The brutal assaults pictured in this video are the sole fault of the feral creatures who perpetrated them, but they are also representative of missed opportunities for self-protection and threat mitigation. Despite the standard victim description of assailants “coming out of nowhere without warning”, imagine the noise a quartet of teens made sprinting up a quiet street. Imagine now our victims not only hearing the sound but attending to it as a potential threat indicator and responding in ways to address that threat.

This imaginary scenario requires, though, that the victims acknowledge in advance that the world is full of threats and that not deserving to be broken doesn’t prevent it from happening.

  • Think hard
  • Train hard
  • Do The Work.
  • Be Dangerous.

Read The Full Story at FoxNews 25 Boston 

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