Meanwhile, South of the Border

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Meanwhile, South of the Border

Over 2000 murders a month is the tally for narco-violence in Mexico, reflecting the scope and scale of criminal violence when no effective deterrent is present in the environment.

 We in the US are not immune to such violence, especially as our law-enforcement agencies strain under increased demands for service, fewer resources, a toxic lack of support from the public, and a politico-legal culture that treats personnel as disposable assets.

 We have, though, a resource not afforded our neighbors to the South, much to their detriment. The responsible armed citizen, a product of one of the inalienable human rights recognized by our Founders, is often the first line of defense against such destructive criminality. Realistic training is the responsibility that attaches to the right of being armed, and can be the only barrier separating civilization and barbarism.

  • Think hard
  • Train hard
  • Do The Work.
  • Be Dangerous.

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