Homeowner Finds Intruder Taking Shower, Shoots Him, Gets Arrested

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Intruder Taking Shower Murdered

When you arm yourself with a weapon without arming yourself with knowledge, it is a prescription for bad outcomes.

A Washington state man found an intruder taking a shower in his house and shot him. But that’s not the whole story.

The man owns two pieces of property next door to each other. He lives in one house and runs an internet-based business next door, which is where he found the intruder.

He told police he noticed signs of forced entry when he went to work on Saturday.

The man said he went inside and found Rosa using the shower.

Police said the homeowner confronted Rosa and the pair exchanged words before he left and returned to his house next door to retrieve his gun.

The man then allegedly came back to the property and fired multiple rounds into the shower, killing Rosa, according to Mason County Sheriff’s Lt. Travis Adams.

He then called 911 to report the shooting.

  • Think hard
  • Train hard
  • Do The Work.
  • Be Dangerous.

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