William’s Law Enforcement, shooting and combatives background combined with his unique understanding of violence and violent criminal actors offers a learning opportunity unlike any other currently available in the defensive training industry.

His “Unthinkable” program of instruction should be required for anyone interested in carrying a gun or protecting themselves from criminal assault. If I had to pick just one course to send a family member or loved one too, it would be William Aprill’s.

William Aprill brings a diverse, vast, and vitally important skill set to the field of self-preservation. He has studied interpersonal violence from the perspective of a cop, an armed citizen, a martial artist, a shooting instructor, and through the lens of his scientific training. He has interviewed and researched hundreds of violent criminals and reduced the data obtained into an easily understandable paradigm.

William is also a gifted instructor with an excellent sense of humor and insight into the context of the armed citizen, law enforcement, and military student.  ARC classes should be mandatory for anyone interested in self protection.

William Aprill’s coursework may be the single most important and must-attend event in the self-defense community. Knowing the how and why of violence and violent criminal actors is a needed step to keep you and your loved ones safe.

His combined background in law enforcement, shooting, martial arts, and the mental health field gives him a unique depth of knowledge unmatched by practically anyone else. Drop everything to study with him.

William Aprill’s classes are the most important self protection coursework you can take. I’ve used his material to keep myself safe from violent criminal actors in both my professional and personal lives.

Learning how the violent criminal actor thinks and the motivations driving his actions has helped me to avoid, deter, and de-escalate countless situations that could have gone bad had I not had this information.

Not everyone is interested in carrying a weapon — and frankly, a lot of people aren’t cut out for it.

However, classes like Unthinkable are important for everyone, regardless of age, capability, mindset, or intent. We are sending out data about ourselves to criminals all the time, and Unthinkable helps us understand what’s going on so we can be more in control of the “messages” we transmit.

We were honored to host William last weekend, and I highly recommend Unthinkable to anyone.

When I first heard William speak his presentation helped me to form an image in my mind. Have you ever been to the beach? The ocean? Did you go into the water? When you did, was there a moment when you considered what else was swimming in the water? Did you think about sharks? I’m guessing you did. It is human nature.

Now, read this next question carefully and consider your answer.

While you were in the water did you even for one moment assume that a shark would play by your rules? I would hope not. It is easy to expect the shark to behave like a shark. It has shark skin and shark teeth and so much sharkiness that we don’t pretend to understand. A shark is playing by shark rules. Period.

When it comes to the violent criminals we fear, it isn’t so easy. They look like you and me. In many ways they behave similarly and so we look at the violent thug and we see some of us in them and, if we aren’t careful, we can make a serious error in assumption. It is easy to assume that the bad people in the world operate by the same rules we do. It isn’t true. They do operate by rules. Just not ours. Yet you assume they do.

You are swimming in the world of the violent criminal and expecting them to play by your rules. It leads to problems.