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We are a consulting service that operates online to provide free help in creating mental health awareness. We are always available to listen to you and provide you the right references.

Our active community helps people in getting the right advice from experts in finding the right career goals. We promote general awareness about the mental issues that affect the day to day life of people. We are happy to have you here.


Our community becomes stronger every day, with each other’s support and attention. Learn about our goals in addressing the general mental health issues that are affecting the lives of people.


We look forward to a future where our patients find themselves completely independent of advice and can make the best decisions for themselves without developing self-doubt.


We are here to listen to you. You matter, not your problems.

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Get the right prescriptions from licensed therapists for maintaining good health


Get 24/7 online counseling from a team of therapists who are here to listen to what you find disturbing and offer you a list of options for experiments.


Join our seminars that invite professors and public speakers to talk about the general issues that need to be addressed to people today.

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Our program offers the right methods of socializing that can help you start making conversations with people without causing much stress to yourself.


Mental health is important for anyone who is conscious about themselves and has the curiosity to learn new things. Our therapy sessions are here to help.

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It is a really helpful community for those who face problems in socializing. The people here are the company that you need.

Walter K Heenan
Thank you for providing the counseling that I need whenever I face issues in decision making. I have improved a lot over the past two years with the help of my counselor.

Dorothy R Nash

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The word describes a condition where a man is unable to achieve and keep an erection despite stimulation. The factors that could lead to this range from physical to psychological, including depression, diabetes, old age, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. This dysfunction can exacerbate the underlying causes or add to them, and hence it is important to seek out professional help early. The type of treatment administered is dependent on the underlying cause. The following are seven erectile dysfunction treatments that have been found to work effectively. 

Seven Erectile Dysfunction Treatments That Work

  1.  Counseling

When the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is depression, anxiety or other psychological issues, a counselor can help a patient analyze his emotions and find a lasting solution to his problems. It is also helpful for one to visit a counselor in his spouse’s company as she should understand the cause of his problem. What’s more, moral support from a spouse can help one to overcome this dysfunction quicker.

  1. Medication

These include injections, oral tablets, and suppositories. Sildenafil citrate, also known as Viagra, is one of the most popular oral tablets for erectile dysfunction. Others include Cialis and Stendra. Alprostadil is administered in the form of a suppository or a drug for self-injection, the latter being quicker ineffectiveness. However, all these should only be taken on doctor’s advice as they may have adverse side effects on men who have other illnesses. What’s more, interaction with some medications can be toxic and lead to a patient’s health complications.

  1. A good diet and physical exercise

Obesity, which is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, can be reversed by leading a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet that includes whole grains and vegetables helps improve blood flow in the body, hence to the penis when one is aroused. Also, incorporating moderate physical activity into one’s daily routine helps to improve blood flow and alleviate stress and anxiety, both of which prevent erection.

  1.  Kegel Exercise

This kind of exercise is popularly recommended to women to strengthen the pelvic floor. However, findings reveal that it is also helpful for men to strengthen the muscle that causes enlargement of the penis with blood during an erection.

  1. Vacuum pump

This kind of treatment involves using a tube with a pump that is slipped over the penis. Then one applies pressure using the pump to cause blood to flow, leading to an erection. A man should then slip a ring to the top of the penis, which helps maintain the erection for up to half an hour.  

  1. Testosterone therapy

Testosterone is a hormone in men involved in the production of red blood cells, physical strength, and sex drive. In cases where it is low due to old age or illness, one can experience erectile dysfunction. Taking testosterone drugs alongside other kinds of treatments helps to reverse the damage.

  1. Surgery

Surgery is helpful for the elderly and is done when all other options fail. This entails the use of penile implants to enable a man to achieve and keep an erection. There are two kinds which are known as bendable and inflatable implants. The bendable implant is made of two silicone rods that are inserted into the penis to keep it firm for sexual intercourse. On the other hand, an inflatable implant consists of two cylinders placed in the penis. They are connected to a pump which is normally positioned in the scrotum. One pumps pressure into the cylinder to inflate them and create an erection.


The seven erectile dysfunction treatments work well on patients when the underlying causes are established. A good diet, physical and kegel exercises help revitalize muscles for better blood flow when obesity is the cause of the dysfunction. On the other hand, counseling brings psychological healing for a man suffering from anxiety, depression, or relationship problems. Medical interventions include oral drugs, suppositories, injections, and surgery, all of which require a doctor’s advice before use.


What is the Mental Health Consultant’s Role?

Mental Health

An early childhood mental health consultant is a professional with expertise in mental health who is also equipped with knowledge and expertise related to working around young children (possibly in the age group of zero to five years of age) and their families. Certain early childhood mental health consultants, referred to as infant mental health specialists, are experts in the field of mental health who have received specialized training in working with children who are just weeks old up to 3 years of age and their families. Early childhood mental health professionals who work with infants, preschoolers and toddlers almost have the same job to do.

Promoting healthy growth in young children’s emotional and social development and supporting the parents and caregivers in the child’s life to understand, recognize and support their emotional and social development. An early childhood mental health consultant should have a good idea about the social and emotional milestones achievable by the child at that age and support strategies so that they are competent and confident enough in modelling and coaching others to use similar positive practices. Early childhood mental health consultants must be able to identify and work in close relation with families and caregivers to understand and solve problems as they arise. Early childhood mental health professionals can also help families, teachers and caregivers nurture the growth of each child by understanding and characterizing the development of the child and what is typical for children at those specific age groups or ages. They are also responsible for alleviating the fears and doubts of worried, concerned parents that certain behaviours of certain children are a normal part of thor growth and they need not worry too much.

 mental health

On the other hand, early childhood mental health consultants should be able to identify, recognize and respond to any potential concerns related to the social and emotional development and growth of a child in a strictly sensitive and mature manner. When mental health issues or other similar problems arise, early childhood mental health consultants can be a great help for both the children and the families. Early childhood mental health consultation can facilitate support and planning because young children are at a greater risk of experiencing social and emotional stress and related concerns in partnership with the family or caregivers of the child. However, this does not mean that family or caregivers are the only reason behind the mental distress of a child. Suppose a child starts showing concerning behaviour or has been continuing to show no improvement in counselling or any other forms of treatment. In that case, it is the responsibility of the mental health professional to refer the child and their parents or caregivers to additional outside services such as community mental health or Part C services.

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